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Harvia KIP 8kw

Our standard heater has proven itself to be a real work horse.

Built-in time and temperature controls.

1hr timer with up to 8hr delayed timer function.

Wall mounted for an efficient sauna layout.

Large interior stone space for genuine Finnish sauna steam and heat.

Holds up to 15kg of stones.

Harvia Cilindro 8kw

Built-in time and temperature controls.

1hr timer with up to 8hr delay timer function.

The large volume of stones in the heater gives a great sauna bath.

The stylish pillar-model provides an opportunity to adjust the nature of the heat: soft when throwing water to the side of the heater and sharp when throwing water straight on top of the stone pillar.

Holds up to 60kg of stones.

HUUM Drop 6kw wifi & local

DROP heater is inspired by the purest element in nature – a water drop. Its round design softens and livens up the angular interior of a classic sauna, giving it a touch of elegance. But DROP isn’t only about the looks. This compact wall-mounted heater can actually fit up to 55 kg of stones, exceeding most wood-burning stoves and guaranteeing long-lasting steam.

tylo sense sport

Incorporates all the standard Tylö sauna features, including:

Removable compartment for water and fragrant essences.

Deep stainless steel rock compartment.

Triple-mantled construction.

Thermosafe, velvet-smooth (cool-touch) covering so no heater guard is needed.

This is our Mercedes of heaters.

Harvia M3 Wood Stove

The Harvia M3 stove comes equipped with a glass door, allowing the warm glow of the fire to complement the sauna atmosphere.

The color of the stove is elegant with graphite black and a stainless steel air-flow spoiler. The M3 woodburning stove can be equipped with a pipe model water heater.

Holds up to 30kg of stones.

please note:

Unless your electric heater is connected by a licensed electrician, Bramari or any of the heater manufacturers can not provide warranty for any heater or be responsible for any resulting damage from an improper connected heater. If you need the name of an electrician, please call us. Otherwise, please ensure your electrician is properly licensed and experienced with sauna heaters.